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Production FlexviewFlexView Affordable Compact Conversion Scanner Makes In-House Conversion a Reality

The new FlexView from nextScan will convert your roll of microfilm at up to 300 PPM, in your own facility, on your schedule and utilizing your own staff!

Microfilm conversion, preservation and accessing your film just got a whole lot easier!

FlexView Solutions:

  • True archival film scanning and on-demand viewing in a cost eficient, easy-to-use design
  • Variable capture speeds to meet customer demand (up to 300PPM)
  • Features LuminTec Stroboscopic LED Lighting for unmatched image quality
  • Scans 16mm and 35mm microfilm
  • Ability to store ribbons in an index compatible shareable Virtual Film Archive
  • Precision motors automatically position camera for desired reduction ratio and DPI
  • Featuring image capture using JPEG XR lossless compression, maximizes image fidelity and OCR precision

Powered by nextScan’s industry leading NextStar PLUS Software Suite

  • Complete capture control and workflow
  • Ribbon scanning software for guaranteed image capture and detection
  • Built-in frame detection
  • Frame detection auditing
  • 15 file output formats

FlexView Includes:

  • Scanner
  • PC
  • Line scanning camera technology
  • NextStar PLUS Workflow Software Platform
  • Optional Digital Storage Server (RSD)

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