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gpl logoGuelph Public Library has chosen Ristech's Viewscan III microfilm/microfiche readers for their library patrons to research and browse their extensive collection.   These aquisitions will benefit the community by prioviding them access to an emmense wealth of local history, baptismal records, Civil Vital Statistics, including city directories and census reports.
Additionally patrons can bring in their colour slides to view, and reproduce as they desire.

Please see the latest video from ST Imaging below


nlm front 300wIn 2016 the National Library of Medicine, part of the National Institute of Health and located in Bethesda, MD has begun digitizing most of its historical materials on a “Cobra” V-Cradle scanner purchased from the Ristech Company.   The devices are manufactured by Microbox in Germany, and allows for books to be scanned with page size up to 18 x 24 inches at high resolution, in full color, in less than a second.  The books rest safely in a 110 degree book cradle and an automated optical glass platen descends onto the pages prior to image capture.  The Cobra scanner has two 71mp digital cameras mounted to capture the left and right side pages simultaneously and output them as full color TIFF images.  Several books are digitized each day with the scanner.   The images from the Cobras are then sent through docWorks® from CCS Content Conversion Specialists GmbH, a software product configured to capture metadata that enhances access to the contents of the scanned volumes. This project will continue for several years and the Library is in the process of purchasing a second Cobra from Ristech to increase production capacity.

VSII BlueDownload Version 157 for these updates

ST Imaging is continuously updating their software to create the best microfilm scanning experience possible. Updates are always available for free from the ST Imaging website. Here is what is new in the latest release:

  • New Feature: Enhanced color balance for photo and color slide media.
  • New Feature: Simplified image settings dashboard and tools.

eScan Cema oneScanOSscannerSMFor offering knowledge accessibility to all, the National Library of France decided to facilitate cultural heritage access to its audience. A recognized civic engagement but the public library sees its limits with the use of photocopiers: the old or bound books wore out quickly (face down, crushing) and you can’t see what is printed or scanned. It is clear that a image capture from the top is the most suitable technique. Thus, from 2009, the National Library of France becomes the first public institution in the world to equip themselves with eScan Open System book scanners, innovative scanning solutions developed by i2S respectful of all works, for replacing photocopiers.

Photo baby mother watchSMYour patrons have albums full of photographs and boxes full of slides, but do you have a preservation strategy for them? If you want to let your customers' family photographs to last, here are five tips for ensuring their legacy:

St Catharines Public Library Thick Line OwlSt. Catharines Public Library has again chosen Ristech's Viewscan III microfilm/microfiche readers for their library patrons to research and browse their extensive collection.  As well they have obtained one of Ristech's Spirit scanners to allow staff to preserve and digitize their collection rare books.  These aquisitions will benefit the community by prioviding them access to an emmense wealth of local history, including city directories and census reports

The St. Catharines Public Library Board is committed to providing all the citizens of St. Catharines with the highest level of library services, materials and facilities within the resources available to meet their informational, educational and recreational needs.

HPL logo headerEDHamilton Public Library has again chosen Ristech's Viewscan II microfilm/microfiche readers for their library patrons to research and browse their extensive collection.  As well they have obtained one of Ristech's Colortrac Gx+ 56 scanners to allow staff to preserve and digitize their large collection of War Posters, maps, and other large scale media.  These acquisitions will benefit the community by providing them access to an immense wealth of local history, including city directories and census reports

The Hamilton Public Library, through its energetic board and staff, offers many convenient locations and hours, providing our citizens the "Freedom to Discover".

ROMlogoThe Royal Ontario Museum has again choosen Ristech's Book2Net Spirit scanner to allow students and staff to collect and study sometimes rare and irreplacable media in a virtually non-destructive manner.

Having had great success in the past, this time the H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library received a new Spirit LED.  The H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library is a reference library; the collections are non-circulating. Library materials may be used either in the H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library or can be transferred to the ROM's Main Library for reading in that library.

K71 71MP CMOSsmRistech enjoyed being at the ARLIS 2016 conference in Seattle, Washington this year to renew prior acquaintances and make new connections with the members of VRA.  The introduction of the NEW K71 digital sensor camera and multiple copy-stand(s) was well received and provides you with new technology for excellent digitization of your special collections of documents and rare books.

Mount Pleasant Group LogosmMount Pleasent Group of Cemetaries seleced Ristech and Kirtas to digitize their internment and other record books for the Toronto Necropolis, dating back as far as 1836.

RMC CMRcrestEnglishRoyal Military College Selects Ristech Equipment

The Royal Military College in Kingston Ontario has selected Ristech equipment to arm its students with the best digitization equipment in the world.

With the purchase of Book2net's Kiosk and an ST Imaging's Viewscan, they are ready to digitize all of their collections of books, documents, microfilm and fiche.

shearwater logoShearwater Aviation Museum Selects Book2Net

The Shearwater Aviation Museum has flown into the next millenium by selecting the Book2Net Kiosk from Ristech to help preserve their library of historical documents and books.

This purchase brings the ability of the museum to produce media for the public and other interested parties without having to open or handle fragile and historical documents.  With a "Zero-waste" initiative like this, the returns to community will be impactful and benefit future generations.

CKC LogoCanadian Kennel Club Selects Ristech

The Canadian Kennel Club selects Ristech technology to scan breeders books dating back to the 1800’s.

With the use of Ristech book scanners The Canadian Kennel Club is able to preserve a rare and historical collection of books and documents pertaining to the clubs history. The collection can now be accessed through computers eliminating the need to leaf through the fragile books.

VSII Black 600ST Imaging Viewscan Quick Start Laminate

Ristech would like to present the ST Viewscan "Quick Start" laminate for your Viewscan III.  This laminate provides simple instructions to your patrons on how to use this very user-friendly scanner.  We hope this will free up your staff resources and provide the ability for your patrons to self-serve.

RnRHOFThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Technology by Ristech selected by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Adam Matthew Digital to capture rare books and documents.

Ristech has just completed a book and rare document digitization project at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. In partnership with the Rock Hall, and Adam Matthew Digital, Ristech provided in-house technology and labor to scan a collection of Rock History.

documents to pdfaWhat Is PDF/A Anyways?

So you’ve probably heard the term PDF/A tossed around when discussing digitization output. In fact, you may have seen it mentioned right here on our website. But what is PDF/A? Should you use it in your projects or recommend it to your customers?

Well, here is a crash course in PDF/A. Think of this as PDF/A 101. All the basics to get you started and maybe even inspire you to dig a bit deeper.

Harvard LogoHarvard University Library

Harvard University Library purchases more book scanning technology from Ristech Inc.

Impressed with the initial book scanner order Harvard University Libraries recently placed an additional order for Ristech book scanning technology.

The Spirit book scanner is designed as a walk-up, patron use device that allows the students to capture digital images from a book without pressing the book down onto glass or flatbed scanners. The book scanner is completely gentle as it is an overhead scanner and there is no pressure on the binding.

VSII Black 600ST Imaging Viewscan Service Bulletin

ST engineering has been investigating an issue where 3 of our customers have experienced take up motor failures over the last 15 months. We have been testing VS II and VSIII systems for film movement between the glass platens and the 2 Mylar strips and motor stress and this is what we have found.

ParksCanada 300x300Parks Canada in Halifax has begun using the ST Viewscan III for their film/fiche collection.

Parks Canada's Mandate

On behalf of the people of Canada, we protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage and foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure their ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations.

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