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Take charge of your laptop and tablet loan program with ComputeIT™ modular locker system!

Ristech now offers a sturdy, secure and reliable solution for storing, charging and dispensing laptops, tablets and other similar devices for temporary loan from your institution or library.

The ComputeIT™ modular locker system is designed for efficient handling and vending of most makes and models of laptops and tablets. Utilizing an easily accessible, 19” touch screen interface, patrons of all ages can quickly and easily obtain a fully charged, portable device from one of the 12 or more bays located within the robust, steel frame of the unit. Using a variety of secure, keyless dispensation options, ComputeIT™ allows for comprehensive and streamlined control over all aspects of the borrowing process, from check-out until return.

This dynamic turnkey solution can also be tailored by your library, institution or business to suit the varied demands of your patrons and/or employees. For example, ComputeIT™ can be configured for short-term storage of patron and/or employee-owned portable devices, offering robust, environmentally stable repositories that feature fast charging, multiple power management options and configurable keyless entry via barcode, RFID, biometric scanning or other User based IDs.

Technical Features:

  • Swift, safe charging and secure storage.
  • Compatible with most laptops, netbooks, tablets or any other device charged with an AC adapter.
  • Configurable from 12-96 individual bays for maximum utilization.
  • Keyless identification options including barcode, Mifare, biometrics, RFID or user ID code.
  • Easy to read, LED charge status indicators.
  • Thermostatically controlled environment management system.
  • Connection to ILS/LMS via SIP2.
  • Optional networking for data transfer.
  • Meets all safety standards and is fully CE certified.
ComputeIT™ the safe, secure and reliable solution for laptop and tablet loan, charging and storage. Contact Ristech and check it out today!

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