CKC LogoCanadian Kennel Club Selects Ristech

The Canadian Kennel Club selects Ristech technology to scan breeders books dating back to the 1800’s.

With the use of Ristech book scanners The Canadian Kennel Club is able to preserve a rare and historical collection of books and documents pertaining to the clubs history. The collection can now be accessed through computers eliminating the need to leaf through the fragile books.

Many of the books are over 100 years old and becoming difficult to open without damaging the binding. With the use of an overhead capture technology these book are now preserved for many generations to follow.

Ristech is a provider of production and patron use book scanner and microfilm scanner technology. Our clients include many major academic libraries, public libraries and archives including; the Library of Congress, Harvard University, the Toronto Public Library, University of Notre Dame, McGill University and Library and Archives Canada.