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Xplore 71 MP CMOS CameraWith the Xplore 71 MP CMOS Camera, new standards are being set in the field of camera technology. The innovative development of the CMOS-technology now allows extremely high resolving shots at high quality and easy handling. The robust, high-class camera allows the unrestricted use of all branded objectives with various focal distances and mounts. Work and cost-intensive wearing problems caused by mechanical parts are history now. Experience the advantages of our superior technology which can be used in different application areas.

Product Details

Art imaging
Portrait photography
LCD- and PCB inspection
Scientific imaging
Military application Low-noise CMOS sensor with high dynamic range
Persistent surveillance
Low-noise CMOS sensor with high dynamic range
The unique universal, modular adapter concept allows the usage of a wide range of lenses with different mounts from various manufacturers.
Reliable, very robust sealed camera body construction for usage in tougher, more demanding environment with full flexible mounting possibilities
Fully adjustable exposure rate; 0.0001-2.0 sec
Unique capture rate of 350 MByte via USB 3.0interface
Full frame, windowed and video modes
Fully controllable application for camera adjustment, color calibration status information, capturing and storage purposes
Full programmable interface available offering a wide variety of image enhancement features: white / black / linear / color correction
Digital lens correction: lateral chromatic aberration and vignetting
Different Demosaicing types
Filtering methods: Median and sharpening

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